County Commissioner Candidate for Saale-Holzland-Kreis

I am Markus Gleichmann, candidate for the position of County Commissioner in the upcoming local elections on May 26, 2024. For over a decade, I have been advocating for the interests of our region in local politics. With your support, I aim to bring fresh ideas and real change to our administration. Our county is at a crossroads.

Let’s invest in the future of our children, cycling paths, roads, and sports facilities, instead of unnecessary administrative buildings. Together, we can foster a community where education, social justice, and sustainable development are top priorities. Let’s walk this path together.

I ask for your vote to make our region a sustainable and livable home.

Markus Gleichmann

The County Commissioner Election on May 26, 2024

In May, important local elections will take place in Saale-Holzland-Kreis. The year 2024 is special as it marks the first time since the territorial reform that district, city, and municipal council elections will be held concurrently with the mayoral and county commissioner elections. Voters will directly elect the County Commissioner and mayors.

For the council elections, parties and voter groups will present lists.

Voting Also Available for EU Foreigners

Additionally, EU foreigners residing in Thuringia for at least six months can vote.

Remote / Mail Voting Now Possible!


  1. Apply online, in writing, or by phone for your mail voting documents at your local election office. You can also handle this directly via the website of the Thuringian State Statistical Office.

2. Once the mail voting documents arrive, make your choice at leisure and mark your preferred candidate.

3. Place the ballot in the envelope and send it back along with the enclosed form to the election office. You can also request, fill out, and submit your documents at the mail voting office during opening hours.

My Commitment to a Strong and Sustainable Region

  • Prioritize School Renovations: Focus on the consistent modernization of our educational facilities.
  • Ensure Road Safety: All roads must be safe and well-maintained. Promote
  • Bicycle Traffic: Create infrastructure that facilitates everyday cycling. Support
  • Businesses in Transition: Actively support companies undergoing transformation.
  • Strengthen Transparency and Public Participation: Open up decision-making processes and expand citizen participation.
  • Expand Cultural Offerings: Support cultural institutions and preserve cultural heritage.
  • Develop Tourism: Create attractive offerings that strengthen the regional economy.
  • Intensify Collaboration with Jena: Expand cooperations for mutual benefit.
  • Protect Biodiversity: Preserve habitats and create new ones to promote biodiversity.
  • Address and Remember History: Maintain historical responsibility and learn from the past.

Political Experience

Since 2003, I have been socially and politically active in Saale-Holzland-Kreis, placing high value on volunteer structures and activities.

  • Community Involvement
    The historical review of our region has always been especially important to me. I have published works on the history of Walpersberg, a central site of forced labor during National Socialism, and supported commemoration and historical initiatives.
  • Political Volunteerism:
    Since 2014, I have been a member of the district council of Saale-Holzland-Kreis, gaining many experiences, both positive and negative. Since 2018, I have led the parliamentary group of the GREENS and LEFT parties.
  • Party Politics:
    From 2009 to 2018, and again since 2023, I have been the county chairman of the DIE LINKE party in SHK. In the current situation, there is only one solution: act instead of complain!
  • Thuringian State Parliament:
    Since 2019, I have been a member of the Thuringian State Parliament and the LEFT faction’s spokesperson for Environment, Nature Conservation, and Energy, and responsible for European politics.

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be County Commissioner

Innovative Education for the Future

I aim to strengthen inclusive learning and improve digital equipment in schools. The goal is to provide excellent educational opportunities for every child, regardless of their background.

Social Justice and Solidarity

I advocate for a society where assistance is a given and everyone can participate. This includes more preventative work and the expansion of social services for all age groups.

Sustainability as a Basis

I support the development of environmentally friendly infrastructures and the use of renewable energies. Our goal is to develop an ecologically sustainable and economically strong region.

Collaboration in Region and Economy

I strengthen relationships with neighboring communities and support local businesses and start-ups to overcome common challenges and leverage synergies.

Mobility and Digitalization for Everyone

I aim to expand public transport and develop advanced mobility solutions. Additionally, we are advancing digitalization in education, administration, and the economy.

Promotion of Culture, Sports, and Volunteerism

I support clubs and cultural initiatives that enhance social interaction and improve the quality of life in the region.

Strengthening of Transparency and Public Participation

I want to involve citizens more in political decision-making processes and promote direct democracy to create an active and participatory community.

Volunteer Engagement

I advocate for increased networking and new recognition of arts and culture, as well as fire services and disaster protection.

Promote Healthy Living and Sports

I support recreational sports activities and the creation of healthy living conditions for all age groups.

Pragmatism and Willingness to Dialogue

I am ready to work across party lines and seek compromises to shape the best path for our region. We firmly reject extremism and promote a world of solidarity and equal opportunity.

About Me

38 years old / Computer Systems Analyst / Currently a Member of the Thuringian State Parliament / Married / Two children / From Reistädter Grund (Röttelmisch)

Career Path/Short Biography:
Born in Jena in 1986, I have always been deeply connected to Thuringia. After my civilian service in Großeutersdorf, I trained as a computer systems analyst and started my own business in this field. My career then led me into politics, initially working for members of the Bundestag and the State Parliament (Ralph Lenkert and Mike Huster) of the LEFT, before transitioning to the State Parliament faction and eventually becoming a member of the Thuringian State Parliament in 2019. Concurrently, I deepened my engagement by researching the regional history of Thuringia during National Socialism and published several non-fiction books on the topic. I also represent Thuringia in European bodies (Committee of the Regions and regional representation at the Council of Europe) to enhance networking.